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We are very serious about providing great services for our users and will constantly work hard in order to maintain and improve our offerings. Our online services and any other services we offer (“Services”) are subject to the following Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions (“Terms”).


Our models/solutions are provided as a service only, and are provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind. The models/solutions are for informational purposes only and are not intended to offer any tax, legal, financial or investment advice etc. The models/solutions are forward looking analytical based information tools intended for illustrative purposes only, and accuracy is not guaranteed. The models/solutions may contain errors and omissions, and they are based on several assumptions that may be misunderstood etc. We assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions in these models, and we assume no responsibility for the interpretation of the information gained from these models. We can not guarantee that this website will be available at all times. The website can at any time, and without any notice, be modify or discontinued. We shall have no responsibility or liability for the timeliness, deletion, failure to store, inaccuracy or improper delivery of any data or information on this website.

When you log in you explicitly agree to this Disclaimer and that you use these models solely at your own risk. You are not making any commitments by registering, or using any of our models. You can always stop using them at any time without notifying us, or have any obligations towards us.

General Terms


User - means the Subscriber.

Services - means the Online models/solutions that Simulation Finance offers via the website and any other website run by Simulation Finance.

Password - means a confidential alphanumeric text, which is used by the User to access Simulation Finance Services.

We, us and/or our - means Simulation Finance AS.

You and/or your - means the User.

Model/Solutions - means the Online Software that Simulation Finance offers.

Free version - means any of the limited versions of our models/solution that do not have a subscription cost.

Premium version - means any of the versions of our models/solutions that have a subscription cost.


If a you fail to pay your fees for Services by any Expiry or Due date, Simulation Finance reserves the right to downgrade your subscription of the relevant model/solution to the Free Version. The Free versions have reduced accesses relative to the Premium versions. The Free version can later when outstanding fees are paid be upgraded to paid version again.

If there are any price changes they will earliest be effective 30 days from posting to this same page. Use of the service after that date constitutes acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions.


You may Subscribe to Simulation Finance Services by using the website register page.

On the register page, and on the User admin page, you must provide correct information and continuously make sure that the information is correct and up to date.

Simulation Finance may suspend or terminate your account and refuse use of Services if you provide any information that is false, misleading, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or if Simulation Finance has reasonable grounds to believe that such information is false, misleading, inaccurate, not current or incomplete or any terms in this agreement are breached.

We may suspend or terminate your account and refuse use of Services if you are deemed to be abusive (including using language that is deemed to be abusive to other users or staff, such deeming shall be at the sole discretion of Simulation Finance).

We agree that in the event of an upgrade, the Licence hereby granted shall automatically transfer to the new version.

You agree that the Licence in this agreement is effective until suspended or terminated by us or by ceasing subscription payments.

You agree that payment for your subscription is due in advance of the next Subscription expiry date.

In the event you choose to end your subscription service, you agree that Simulation Finance has the right to downgrade your subscription of the relevant model/solution to the Free Version.

You accept that we may disable accounts that have been inactive for an extended period of time.

You accept that we may log off users who have been inactive for a reasonable period of time or for the purposes of conducting reasonable system maintenance and repairs.

Your data

Simulation Finance will do all it can to protect our User's data.

You accept responsibility for maintaining confidentiality of any password and other access information used by yourself.

You acknowledge that the Internet is an open system and Simulation Finance cannot and does not warrant or guarantee that third parties cannot intercept your information.

The input data belongs to the User.

We claim no intellectual property rights over the material submitted, posted or displayed via the Subscription Service.

You accept that if you decide to share an input Company and/or Portfolio that you may allow others to copy that input Company and/or Portfolio.

You accept that by letting your subscription expire, requesting your Subscription be closed or by failing to meet the Terms and Conditions that we may delete all your Content and Data permanently at a time or date of our choosing but not within 90 days.

You accept that Simulation Finance does not offer in it’s Services to roll—back, recover or load any data from historical backups or archives. If we do this it is at our discretion and we may charge for this Service.

We do not claim that our data management practises (including but not limited to marking data for deletion, permanent data deletion, restoration, backup, indexing, retrieval, archiving, importing, exporting or other data copying, moving or protecting services) are appropriate for you.

You accept that our practises for data management may change at our sole discretion at anytime and without notice.

You accept the responsibility of having your own practises to cover risk associated with our data management where you don’t feel our practises are appropriate for you.

Communication Between Simulation Finance and You

Simulation Finance reserves the right to contact you by web page, email, fax, post, internet chat, phone text messaging (SMS) or telephone (or other means in the future as they are developed from time to time) to communicate important information regarding the use of the Service and related products and services.

Terminating Your Service

You may end the Service simply by not renewing your subscription at your next Expiry Date.

If you want all your input data to be deleted you are responsible for deleting it.


You accept that use of the Services is at your risk.

You accept that Simulation Finance is not responsible for any adverse consequences arising out of the use of the Services.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Simulation Finance from and against any and all claims, proceedings, damages, liability and costs (including reasonable solicitors fees) incurred by Simulation Finance as a result of any claim arising from your violation of the Terms, State or laws or regulations, or any third party’s rights including but not limited to infringement of copyright, violation of any proprietary right and invasion of privacy rights.

You accept that these obligations survive termination of the Service.

You accept that we will not accept liability for failures in providing Services which are outside normal usage or reasonably foreseeable including force majeure, natural disasters, war, terrorism and civil disobedience.

Simulation Finance shall not be liable for, and is excused from, any failure to perform or for delay in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement due to causes beyond its control, including without limitation, interruptions of power or telecommunications services, failure of Simulation Finance’s suppliers or subcontractors, acts of nature, governmental actions, fire, flood, natural disaster, or labor disputes.

Simulation Finance shall not be liable to you or any third party for special, consequential, incidental, indirect, tort or cover damages, including, without limitation, damages resulting from the use or inability to use the services, delay of delivery and implementation, or loss of profits, data, business or goodwill, whether or not Simulation Finance has been advised or is aware of the possibility of such damages.

Any notice made by you to Simulation Finance shall be deemed properly given and effective when reduced to writing and delivered to the email address

Privacy Policy

Simulation Finance’s Privacy Policy relates to your personal information, collected by Simulation Finance as part of the Subscriber register process and your use of Simulation Finance services, and held by Simulation Finance as part of our day-to-day dealings with you.

You agree that we may use your data as a part of summarised anonymous data for internal benchmarking, and reporting.

We agree that summarised anonymous data will not have enough detail to identify underlying individuals or individual businesses.

Personal information held by us may include your name, country of residence, profession, telephone/mobile numbers, e-mail address, and credit card details, details of your services and information we require to perform our services for you.

Simulation Finance will never save unencrypted passwords, usernames, or credit card data in its database.

Should you choose not to provide personal information we may not be able to provide you with the services you require or at a sufficient level that we regard as important for performing at best practice and as such we reserve the right to terminate the supply of this service to you.

Simulation finance takes reasonable steps to make sure your personal information is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Some notable measures to ensure the security of your personal information include: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection encryption, and regular backups of the database. The security of this information is also dependent on your own measures to protect your Simulation Finance usernames, email addresses and passwords from disclosure and unauthorised use.

You have the right to access any of your personal information that we hold. To obtain a copy of this information, write to us requesting the information and we will provide it to you.

Your personal information may be used to:

- Provide products and services to you.

- Collect payments and to administer your account.

- Provide you with updated or new information about our products or services.

- Conduct creditworthiness checks and/or fraud checks.

- For research into our client base and for aggregated (anonymous) benchmarking data.

Refund Policy

If prepaid services we agree to refund your subscription if you change your mind within seven (7) days of purchase.

If prepaid services we agree to refund your subscription if your use of our services have been materially impaired due to reasons that Simulation Finance under reasonable circumstances should be able to control.

You accept that we only have to refund the credit card used to pay for services or the bank account we received payment from.

You accept that refunds may take up to 30 days to process once approved by us.

You agree to allow us to deduct fees and charges by banks and credit card companies we occur from the refund amount.

Customer Must Have Internet Access

Simulation Finance's services are web-based and requires a working internet connection.

The User is responsible for procuring and maintaining the network connections that connect the User network to the Service, including, but not limited to, "browser" software that supports protocol used by Simulation Finance, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol or other protocols accepted by Simulation Finance, and to follow logon procedures for services that support such protocols.

Simulation finance is not responsible for notifying Customer of any upgrades, fixes or enhancements to any such software, or for any compromise of data transmitted across computer networks or telecommunications facilities (including but not limited to the Internet) which are not owned or operated by Simulation Finance.

Simulation Finance assumes no responsibility for the reliability or performance of any connections as described in this Section.

You acknowledge that you have read this agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions.